Audience development trainings

Audience development trainings

Audience development trainings by ECCOM

Expert on audience development, Ms. Cristina Da Milano, president of ECCOM, will organize a training on audience development for each project partner. Each training will last two days and will address the following topics:

1. Introduction to the audience development strategic approach.
2. Analysis of best practices (from the hosting country and Europe).
3. Specific focus on integration of migrants and refugees.
4. Guidelines to create an audience development strategy.

The expert will support the project partners in the design of a targeted audience development strategy for the present project taking into account the need to involve as beneficiaries different specific publics, such as pregnant women or mothers and their partners, older women, migrant and refugees, health and social workers, artists and creators, non-medical support professionals. These beneficiaries will participate in the project activities and will be the main target groups of the exhibition itself.

The partners will conduct research on their publics, to understand who the existing ones are and which new audiences they want to reach. They will also deploy the benchmarking tool to analyze the degree of “diversity management” and of the participation of migrants and refugees in the project partners 'activities, as well as the integration of an intercultural perspective in their organizations' policies, mission and action. The research results will allow project partners to segment their audiences and better tailor the participatory activities implemented during the exhibition according to the audiences 'characteristics and needs and the project partners' missions and objectives.

Children and young people are two of the primary focus groups for audience development worldwide. The present project will not directly work with children and young people. However, it will produce adequate and tailored toolkits for secondary school students in collaboration with schools and teachers that usually work with the project partners.