Birth Cafes

Birth Cafes

Birth Cafes

The Birth Café Campaign is an open, non-profit project for a more human birth culture, founded in 2014 in Germany. The aim is to create a network of women, young girls, men, and professionals both in Germany and across the EU to strengthen energies for self-help and create a grassroots movement that will hopefully have a long-term impact on existing obstetric care in the EU.

In the past, grandmothers and mothers used to pass on their knowledge around birth to the next generation and help each other, something that got lost in this fast-moving world. For this reason, and to improve obstetrics, the BirthCafé Campaign was founded. Mothers and fathers, from different generations and cultural backgrounds, are invited to participate or organize with the support their own Birth Cafés, where they come together to share birth stories and exchange personal experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Birth Cultures will host a total of eight participatory Birth Cafes, further developed for each country by women museum, together with the Birthcafé Campaign and Nahdran. At the end of this process, additional native guidelines will be for everyone, who wants to join the BCC.

The international Birth Café Campaign strengthens women and their partners, after and before giving birth, but also professionals by empowering them to learn from personal experiences.

In short, the BCC has four main goals:

   1) Changing perspectives on birth through participative, intellectual and intergenerational learning

   2) Empowering women and families by reducing fear of childbirth today

   3) Creating new, encouraging inner and visions together

   4) Building networks for women, families and professionals.

Following the example and training of the Birth Café Campaign and based on the toolkits each project partner developed Birthcafés in his country.

#Fathers, you are important!
Pregnancy and birth are also a huge challenge for fathers. However, there is a lack of role models to support them, because fathers were not wanted in the delivery room just a few decades ago. "Respect man, you become a father" (available in German)
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