Round tables and seminars

Round tables and seminars

Round tables and seminars

Throughout the project, several round tables and talks will be held to present in depth relevant scientific information on childbirth and motherhood, although adapted to a non-professional audience, and will allow discussions and exchanges among participants. 


Latent side of birth” Round Table in Ukraine

On November 17, 2021 the Gender Museum Ukraine organized on-line round table highlighted unspoken issues accompanying birth delivery. Experts from different spheres – sociology, health care, psychology, psychiatry - shared their vision of actual problems.

Olena Strelnyk, Doctor of Science in Sociology, the author of “Care as a job: maternity in the focus of Sociology”, paid attention to five main challenges mother face, such as: (1) what does it mean to be a good mother nowadays, (2) why did you give a birth – depreciative maternity, (3) maternity as a factor of gender inequality, (4) unfriendly labour market for mothers, (5) maternity and feminism.  

Psychologist Yuliia Kulyk and psychiatrist Olena Iampolska focused on support of women in postpartum period. They informed participants about “Healthy Thinking” Project implemented in the east of Ukraine, which aimed at helping to women with mental disorders arising after birth delivery, namely postpartum depression and suicide attempts.

Anna Petrovska, head of the NGO “Natural Rights Ukraine”, presented data from survey “Women’s rights in deliveries in Ukraine” (2019) aimed at measuring of level of women’s satisfaction with health care and health care staff’s attitudes during delivery, following legal standards of help to pregnant women and women in delivery.

Gynecologist, Ph.D. in Medicine Tetiana Struk stressed that during delivery health care staff also face some challenges. Doctors and midwives should follow protocols and need collaboration from women side.

In the end round table participants agreed that they need efficient communication and looking for optimal decision all together.  To watch the record